Czech Republic tax news
Covid-19 – Summary of Measures Czech Republic
June 4, 2020
Germany tax news
Covid-19 – Summary of Measures Germany
June 5, 2020

Covid-19 - Summary of Measures


France tax news

1. Payment deadlines for social and / or tax deadlines (Social contributions, direct taxes)

2. In the most difficult situations, direct tax rebates can be decided as part of an individual examination of requests;

3. Very Small Enterprises (VSEs) facing economic hardship can postpone the payment of utility bills (water, gas, electricity) and rental payments.

4. Aid of up to 1,500 euros for very small businesses, the self-employed, the liberal professions and micro-entrepreneurs most affected by the solidarity fund financed by the State and the Regions;

5. The French Government has announced an exceptional State guarantee system to support corporate financing, up to €300 billion. This will allow banks to grant cash loans to companies of all sizes, enabling them to have the cash necessary to continue their activity and preserve employment. This is temporary, since it will only cover than loans made from March 1 to December 31 of this year.

6. Support from the Government and the central bank of France (credit mediation) to negotiate with its bank a rescheduling of bank credits;

7. Recourse to ‘part-time activity’ is made possible and easier for businesses in order to offset the slowing down of business activities. Companies may apply for the part-time activity scheme under exceptional circumstances (Article R.5122-1 of the French Labor Code), specifying the reasons justifying the recourse to part-time activity, the foreseeable period of under-activity and the number of employees concerned. the French Government announced that part-time activity would be compensated up to 84% of the net salary of employees, although a ceiling is not excluded for the highest salaries. In addition, the French Government indicated that the employer who is required to pay for the allowance will be refunded within 10 days.

8. Support for the treatment of a conflict with customers or suppliers by the Business Mediator;

9. Recognition by the Government and local authorities of the Coronavirus as a case of force majeure for their public contracts. Consequently, for all state and local government contracts, the delay penalties will not be applied.

10. A support plan for French exporting companies

If you have any questions regarding this or any of the other initiatives offered to those affected by the current disruption, please contact Abdeslam El Baghli