Value your business

Our wide experience in dealing with real company sales, rather than just the theory, puts us in an unparalleled position to provide robust company valuations. This service may be helpful for any number of reasons including:.

  • While our primary focus is usually to maximise the sales price of a company, we often encounter the “softer” situation where a business owner seeks to sell to a management team and we can advise on the appropriate value (as well as the transaction itself).
  • Advising a management team considering the possibility of a management buy-out.
  • Assisting in the buy-in of a minority shareholding (including negotiation if required).
  • Valuation for Inland Revenue purposes such as company re-organisations.
  • Valuation for probates.
  • Equitable valuation for merger.
  • Valuation for share options/issues to enfranchise key personnel/directors.
  • Valuation for divorce purposes

If you would like to learn more about how we could help you value your international business, please get in touch with Graham Speck on +44 208 652 2458 or email