What Makes Al Noor Island A Picture – Perfect Destination

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What Makes Al Noor Island A Picture – Perfect Destination

For Al Noor Island, the question should be, what does not make Al Noor Island a picture-perfect destination? Well, every inch of this naturally wonderful Island is picture-perfect. The scenery looks as if it’s specially made for photographers to capture some exquisite photographs. Moreover, if you are Instagram savvy, then there is no doubt that this Island is your visiting priority. However, if you have not added it to the list, then you better should! 

Nonetheless, in this article, we are going to tell you about the charming and sightful places of Al Noor Island, which is located in Sharjah. So, let’s see what makes this Island different and unique from other Islands or Island-like destinations.  

Al Noor Island- A Picture-Perfect Destination Fused With Nature & Art

An alluring sea that shines like a diamond at night accompanied by a variety of beautiful plants and trees, and the butterflies are cherry on top of the cake. Yes! Al Noor is undoubtedly a picture-perfect destination. 

Apart from its natural charm, it also has some magnificent artifacts installed all around the Island by the masters of arts. 

Curious much? Well, don’t worry, as the following are the details of some of the famous factors of Al Noor Island that add to its allure. 

A Mystical Gateway With Wonderful Landscape

To reach Al Noor Island, you will have to take either a bridge or the sea below the bridge. People often prefer the boats as they are less time consuming and convenient as compared to the heavy traffic on the bridge. 

So, if you chose the journey of the sea, then your endeavor into the mystical world begins right there! Once you reach the Island and step your foot in the land, you will feel as if you have been transcendent in a fairy world. 

Moreover, it has trees that are older than 500 years, and you will find some species of plants that you won’t find anywhere else. It is also a home for numerous butterflies that belong to more than 200 different species. 

The Popular Butterfly House Is An Amusing Sight For Your Eyes

It is a hub for 500-700 butterflies that have more than 200 distinct species. Seeing all the butterflies together in the Butterfly House could be amusing for you, and be assured that you have never witnessed such a sight before. 

Furthermore, more than adults, children find it astonishing and magical as nowadays it’s impossible to have these many butterflies under one roof. Therefore, watching so many kaleidoscopes of butterflies at one place could be wondrous for your child as well. 

A Quintessential Blend Of Nature & Art 

With the exquisite sight of the sea, plants and butterflies, along with some man-made masterpieces of art Al Noor Island gives a quintessential blend of both. Also, the whole Island is surrounded by natural beauty. Therefore, to enhance its charm, some artefacts are installed all around it. 

Although there are so many of them, the most significant masterpieces are only six as they are enormous in size and eye-pleasing as well. You can encounter them while roaming around the Island.

Encounter The Natural Beauty Of The Island At Night

As the Island is surrounded by sea, it looks more astonishing at night. This is because the sea reflects the beaming artificial light which is installed on the Island so that it is never too dark. Now, imagine this combination with thousands of trees and plants along with butterflies flying over them. The sight is undoubtedly astounding. Thus, it doesn’t matter that it’s dawn time or dusk time. Both the time of the day and night look equally incredible.    


There is obviously more to the beauty of the great Al Noor Island than just praising words. Also, this article was just a glimpse into the world of butterflies and the exhilarating landscape. To actually get an idea, you need to visit this place by yourself and rest assured that it will be worth your while. 

So, if you are visiting Sharjah or UAE, then you should certainly check this Island out. It is suitable for a family vacation. However, you can visit it with your friends too if your group is big enough, as there are some activities that you can only enjoy in a group. 

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